Here are some of the things our students and clients are saying about us. We truly thank them for their support:

“As part of my ongoing personal and professional development I was recently introduced to the DARE Coaching Academy Accelerated Coaching Training Course. Samantha McDonald and I had worked together for a number of years on and off in a coach/ client relationship so when she contacted me about the course it was a great opportunity to develop a new skill set and an opportunity to start my own business. The 3 month course has been exciting, challenging and rewarding and something that I look forward to either attending in the face to face sessions or over the phone in the weekly sessions. The course has given me the skills that I need to have an amazing Life Coaching Business that I can not only utilize in my business, but also my family business to maximize on our team and their development  to ensure we have a sustainable and profitable business.

The ACT course has inspired me to help other people to release themselves from a stuck state whether that be in their personal or professional life to live a well balanced and full life. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that not only wanted to create a successful Life Coaching Business but really help other people get more out of their lives.”

Catherine van der Meulen, Director
THINK Consulting & Coaching (Accelerated Coach Training participant)

“Over the years I have experienced coaching methods looking through the eyes of various Master Coaches. Attending the Dare Coaching Academy with Samantha McDonald has not only provided a framework that is workable, it has also given me a great opportunity to hone my coaching skills. Using the approach to create a coaching programme for clients based on Dare Coaching Academy’s framework, it is very rewarding, not only for the client, but also for me as a coach.”

Tom Eckersley
Coach and Trainer (Accelerated Coach Training participant).

“I have recently participated in Dare Coaching Academy’s Accelerated Coach Training course. It was a breath of fresh air! Samantha McDonald is a fantastic trainer, full of passion for what she does. The context of the course was very practical and Sam moved at a pace that suited us all. She continues to provide us with great advice and support. The amount of face-to-face time compared with other courses offered elsewhere convinced me to choose Dare. I’m so glad I did! Thank you Sam. I can’t recommend you highly enough!”

Diane Diggins
Allure Coaching (Accelerated Coach Training participant)

“When I made a decision to embark on the Life Coaching Accreditation with Dare Coaching Academy, my goal was to gain the required skills to assist me in my current business, which requires a certain amount of coaching. I did not envision the amazing results this course would afford me. During the course I acquired skills that will assist me in every area of my life, communicating well in my current business, with my staff, my clients, and also my family and friends. I have undertaken many training courses throughout my various careers but none as enjoyable as this one.The course material is clear and concise and Samantha, the facilitator, is the best I  have ever encountered. I was never bored. The course itself is a well thought out structured program, supported by the facilitator and the group at large. During the course I find myself increasing in confidence and self esteem, and the coaching I received as part of the course has influenced my business in a positive way. Everyone around me has benefited from me undertaking this course.  In addition it never crossed my mind that I could actually build a business around the skills I have gained and that I would be able to do it on my terms which will afford me the flexibility to enjoy more leisure time whilst still earning a living. Whoever is considering taking this course I would say to them ‘just do it’. You will be amazed at how it can change your whole life in a positive way.”

Coach/Trainer (Accelerated Coach Training participant)

“Dear Samantha, I want to thank you for the amazing experience that I have had in your course. You are an AMAZING TEACHER!!!!!!!!! Truly. Throughout the course your warmth, humour and teaching style allowed me to feel totally safe in the group. I was able to be me, which is great. I have had many teachers in my life-time and I can honestly say that you are the most approachable, engaging and honest teacher I have had. You have great knowledge, but most of all you have integrity which is so very rare out there. I truly respect you and thank you. You are starting to restore my faith in teachers. All my love and gratitude.”

Anna Macolino
Life Coach and Presenter (NLP Practitioner participant)

“I also want to thank you all for the support I felt. I also felt there was a huge energy amongst us and could share everything!! I am feeling very positive back at work and have noticed a big change in my attitude! Hence people are reacting differently to me!! It is just beginning to register how mindblowing NLP is (in a great way!). All of you have been on my thoughts and your faces flashing up in my mind!!”

Tracey Crane
Nurse and Educator (NLP Practitioner participant)

“Sam’s life coaching service has been invaluable. She has kept me accountable to my goals, provided me with support, motivation and guidance at every step of the way – through the times when I was working hard and achieving, and through the times when I hit challenges and fell in to slumps of inaction and procrastination. Sam is amazing – she challenges the way you attack life to make sure you KNOW what you want and that you GET what you want and have a healthy life balance at the same time. Sam is 100% committed to seeing her clients reach their full potential in all facets of their lives (not just career). Thank you Sam! Your wisdom and encouragement have helped me tremendously! All the best to you and your family.”

Melita Grainger

“From my experience with Samantha, I can strongly recommend her as a personal coach. I found her to be friendly, consistent and accountable and over the twelve weeks we spent in our coaching alliance my growth was enormous. I couldn’t be happier. I achieved 100% on my three challenging goals.”

Business Owner

“Through Sam McDonald’s professional and competent coaching style, we built a powerful working alliance, which achieved exceptional results over a three month period. Sam’s ability to challenge and stretch me in a supportive and encouraging manner through a structured process, produced some highly effective outcomes. Since my first meeting with Sam, life has not been the same. I have developed a new business and am excited about moving it to Europe for further expansion. Substantial personal development has also taken place and a greater life balance and success has been achieved. Thank you Sam for assisting me to remain solution focused, to achieve my desired outcomes. Your coaching was much appreciated and our continuing professional relationship is valued.”


“To decide to enlist the service of a Life Coach was one of the best decisions in my life. Another great decision was to take on Samantha McDonald as my coach. She is highly motivated, 100% committed to me and extremely generous in the information and guidance shown to me. Samantha helped me achieve things I’ve been dreaming of for years. Thanks to my 3 month Life Coaching experience I have totally changed my way of life, gained the confidence to start my own small business and am now living and enjoying life to the fullest. It is an amazing feeling!  Life Coaching is an incredible journey and I have nothing but praise for the whole Life Coaching experience and especially wish to thank Samantha for taking me there and for her continued interest and support.”

Small Business Owner

“Sam’s an Awesome Coach, she helped me to really get clear on my goals, in a way that I could take specific action towards them. I’ve learnt so much about myself along the way, and I am really Happy and Excited with the direction my life is heading at the moment. I can’t recommend her highly enough…”


“I began working with Sam because I needed help focusing on where I really want to go in life. I had all these ideas of what I could do, but no means of narrowing it down, let alone achieving anything. So I just kept putting it off.  I now know exactly what I want, and I am working hard to acheive it.  I really appreciate the structure and accountability of our meetings. Sam really encourages me to take risks I never would on my own. Through Sam I have learned how to balance my family and work responsibilities, while still working towards my own dreams and goals. I have learned so much about what works for me, and how I can be the most productive. Also, as a mother, wife and employee, it is also great having someone who lets me talk about myself and what I want, not just what I can do for them!”

Bronwyn Faulkes
Full-time Mum