Become an NLP Practitioner!

NLP is a brilliant set of skills to have in addition to your coaching skills. In fact, NLP Practitioner is a pre-requisite for students who want to do our Accelerated Coach Training program. These NLP courses are approved by the Australian Board of NLP.

Do you know you have more to give, and that your life could be so much better, if you could only get the best out of yourself?

When you become an NLP Practitioner (Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming), you view your life from a more empowered perspective. In doing so, you are compelled to take responsibility for all areas of your life and how it unfolds. This means that you live your life authentically, being congruent and aligned with all you say, feel, see and do. In short, you can become the best possible version of You – and, in achieving this, you are able to bring out the true potential in others!

This course will give you an understanding of yourself and others like you’ve never had before. Insights will become commonplace. You will see how past issues have shaped who you are today, and do not necessarily need to influence who you will be tomorrow. You will learn techniques to clear negative emotions and beliefs, and heal past issues without having to re-live your experiences. You can use the power of your unconscious mind to become your full potential.

Your new skills can be applied immediately to yourself. And just imagine the difference you could make in other people’s lives when you apply those same techniques to them!

So, how can you use NLP?

Learning NLP skills and becoming an NLP Practitioner is great if you want to manifest success in your life. And bringing that success into your profession can take your career to a whole new level! It’s a MUST if you are a:

  • Life Coach wanting to understand how to make a deeper connection with a client
  • Manager seeking a more effective leadership style
  • Salesperson itching to hit and surpass your targets
  • Recruitment Consultant investigating ways to make better matches
  • Student looking for ways to improve your memory
  • Business Owner committed to making your business hugely successful
  • Sports Person or Personal Trainer looking forward to getting the edge over your opponents, or using better techniques to motivate your clients
  • Therapist seeking other techniques to use with your clients
  • Mother/Father wanting a better relationship with each other and your kids
  • Teacher seeking to communicate more effectively and be a trusted influence
  • Consultant looking to create instant rapport with everyone you meet
  • Public Speaker wanting to really connect with your audience
  • Performer seeking supreme confidence
  • Or anyone who wants to get the most out of themselves and/or other people.

Becoming an NLP Practitioner is a great addition to becoming a Life Coach, or it’s great on its own.

We offer an Intensive, Accelerated NLP Practitioner course, approved by the Australian Board of NLP, during which you will learn to:

  • Really feel and value the power of intention
  • Understand how people tick
  • Set incredibly powerful, well-formed outcomes
  • Know what you really want
  • Build rapport with anyone – instantly!
  • Use powerful communication techniques
  • Say what you mean – and make yourself heard
  • Make sense of and change your experience of your world and the world of others
  • Use conversational hypnotherapy
  • Create metaphors
  • Think outside the square
  • See things differently
  • Feel like and be the person you want to be
  • Identify the key to your own personal excellence
  • Create more choice in your life and the life of others
  • Uncover strategies for success
  • Master your emotions
  • Create resources to bring about change and fulfilment
  • Model successful people
  • Change your life with a powerful, positive perspective
  • And much, much more!

You will be assessed throughout the training by constantly demonstrating your new skills in a highly experiential structure, and with a written test. You will be required to practice your new skills constantly, and will also assess your own knowledge on a regular basis.

So, How Does The Accelerated Face to Face Program Work?

You will attend 7 full days of face to face training, which will focus on all the different learning styles, and help you incorporate your new visual, kinaesthetic and auditory skills.  You will be able to integrate your new learnings into your daily life straight away. Please note, this is more of an experiential course rather than an academic one, so your written assignments will be kept to a minimum.  We are more interested in you getting out there and “doing”, rather than just writing about it…

Sounds like what you need?


Adelaide Dates: TBC
Fee: $2997
Location: Port Adelaide, SA

 When you have completed your NLP Practitioner training, you are eligible to attend our Life Coach Training (Accelerated Coach Training).