I’m Samantha McDonald, Lead Trainer (and Owner) of DARE Coaching Academy. In the 15 years I’ve been in the NLP and coaching industry, I’ve coached and trained thousands of clients across Australia and overseas to achieve phenomenal success.

Would you like ME to help YOU create the life of your dreams, by eliminating your limiting beliefs, crafting out a brand new champion mindset, and then (if you choose to) working with awesome, motivated, high-end clients, helping them achieve incredible outcomes, whilst earning yourself $100 – $150 (or even more!) per hour?

I am looking for YOU if you are ready to STEP UP and make 2016 your year to shine!

If that’s you, I will personally work with you, teaching you how to become an NLP Practitioner, working from home, earning great money, with as much work/life balance as you want, or taking your new skills into your workplace to really shake things up – with training that is so targeted and accelerated, you will feel like a completely new person within 7 days!

But, before we get ahead of ourselves…

How about we chat?

To see if being an NLP Practitioner would be a great fit for you.

Yes please! Book me in for my FREE, No-Obligation chat with Samantha!

Our next NLP Practitioner Program begins in Port Adelaide on November 9th 2015, so now’s a great time to get in contact and see if this is right for you!

You’re the kind of person that people say they connect with straight away. You seem to have this way about you, where people open up to you and tell you all their problems, or ask you for advice.

In your own life, you’ve had your ups and downs, and you’ve always felt like you’ve been treading water, waiting for the right ‘role’ to come along.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about becoming a counselor, because you just love helping people. And you’ve heard that NLP can get quick results, with a focus on the future rather than the dramas of the past. You want to help people achieve their dreams. And, in the process, you want to achieve yours too.

NLP is brilliant for managers, coaches, sportspeople, parents, salespeople, and more! In fact, it’s brilliant for anyone who wants to do better in life.

You have a story. And you know that you can inspire others to live their best lives!

Yes please! Book me in for my FREE, No-Obligation chat with Samantha!

I think it’s important for you to check me out and see if you’d enjoy working with me (and with DARE Coaching Academy) – with no obligation to go ahead with the training. Our chat will be kind of like a ‘try before you buy’, and it’s important because I only want students who are 100% happy with and committed to our program and to their own futures to come on board. So this is a great way for us both to see if we could work together! And, even better, you’ll get inside information about the industry, which won’t cost you a cent.

Oh, and I’ll even send you a FREE gift after our chat, just for taking the time to connect with me.

Yes please! Book me in for my FREE, No-Obligation chat with Samantha!

So, let me explain our training…

Our 7 day NLP Practitioner program is incredibly comprehensive, and includes a manual that is written in such a way that it can be used for many years to come as a terrific reference tool.

NLP (or neuro linguistic programming) is an incredibly useful set of skills that help you programme yourself and others for success, by eliminating negative thought patterns, using your mind to attract what you want into your life, and extending your communication skills beyond anything you could have imagined! Plus much, much more!

The ‘neuro’ part of NLP is based on the brain, the mind, and the senses that we use to represent our worlds. You are taught how to change negative responses, and use your mind to your best advantage.

‘Linguistic’ is all about our language – the words we use, the thoughts we have, and the way we communicate via our bodies.

And ‘programming’ includes all of the programmes that have been set for us (and by us) throughout our lives, often by people who didn’t know any better. These programmes could manifest as low self-worth, a belief that we can’t do certain things, or patterns and behaviours that we repeat. The great news is that these programmes can be changed in order to make our lives better!

I personally coach and mentor you throughout the training, and we give you heaps of resources to use with your clients.

Yes please! Book me in for my FREE, No-Obligation chat with Samantha!

Imagine the possibilities!

In this coming week, let’s jump on the phone or Skype, and have a good long hard look at what you want out of life. Let’s look at your current state of play, what’s got you to this point, and what’s going to be needed for you to move forward into a more fulfilled life, where you can better serve others.

You are unique. There is no-one quite like you. And I will work with that unique-ness to help you create the best chapter of your life thus far.

And you’re the kind of person who loves taking action, and is 100% determined to make things happen. And that’s why I want to help you become the best possible NLP Practitioner you can be.


Yes please! Book me in for my FREE, No-Obligation chat with Samantha!

Remember, our next Adelaide program starts on November 9th in Port Adelaide, so this is a very time-sensitive opportunity.

So what do you have to do right now?

If you feel like I’ve been talking directly to you, and that I get where you’re at, contact me NOW for a chat, before applications close!


Yes please! Book me in for my FREE, No-Obligation chat with Samantha!

I’m a little bit excited about this. Did you kind of get that impression?

Let’s catch up.

Sam xx